Ontario, Canada - Lights and Ferns



FUN FACT: Those who don't know, we're from Australia - specifically from Melbourne. We, along with handful of other countries are probably the only ones that go in reversal when it comes to seasonal changes. So when the world in experiencing summer, we have winter

Safe to say, that I totally dislike winter and those that argue, but you can wear layers and keep warm in winter, your excuse is totally invalid for me, cause I hate layers to begin with. Anyway! So as we decided spontaneously to book our flights to other side, you can imagine that I was totally looking forward to getting some sunshine back in my life! On another brighter side, I was going to be visiting family that I hadn't seen for 18 years - Oh! and I'll be seeing Canada, of course, so put all that together and you have a VERY happy girl! 

We travelled to Toronto, Ontario in August 2017. The warm weather welcomed us just as we hoped it would. Within couple of days of settling in, we went to the Downtown of Toronto with our cousins. I didn't really notice too much of a difference between Melbourne City and Toronto Downtown, but I guess what made it more fun was the fact that we were with our family. 

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Downtown was amazing by nightfall, but I guess all cities are amazing by nightfall, with the streets being lit with street lights, towering offices, late night restaurants and apartments lighting up the spaces, creating another view to see on its own. 

Canada doesn't really have beach sides, which is weird for us Australians, because that's literally one of the best thing we have and a place where we spend most of our sunny days at. However, they seem to have lakes and all those dams and stuff, which is the closest to a beach I guess. One of the places we went to, early on in our trip was to Liverpool.  It was a a small yet really pretty area, where you could view sailing boats of residents who lived close by.  Close by, where residents resided and small cafe's were situated, there were beautiful detached houses/ apartments. The area was so beautifully set out with white and pastel blue colours, that it totally sucks you into its beauty - add beautiful floral arrangements, and you have won my heart. 

On a side note though, one thing that totally irked me about this country is the use of marijuana. It's legal there and all, much like Australia but that kind of kills the whole touristy experience when you enter a place and the first thing that hits you is the smell of people smoking marijuana. It's extremely common there, and I'm glad we don't get that in Australia. Legal or not, lets keep the Marijuana smoking to home grounds please - especially when there are children around!

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